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  1. Rhonda
    October 4, 2015 @ 10:52 pm

    So far every comp that ive been to that has done Stay-to-Play offer room rates that are more expensive than my military discount or my hotel points program.. I am not going to pay more for a hotel room when i can pay less and I wont be forced to. …And then to tell me that the travel company thats booking at these certain hotels are “Considering my needs” when booking these rooms? First off if they were “Considering my needs”, then why are the prices more expensive and who are they to say they know what my needs are? “Consider my needs” and give me a cheaper rate or if i find a cheaper hotel than price match it and I will be happy to stay at one of your mandatory hotels……Its all about Kickbacks and shame on you for using these cheerleaders to make another buck on top of already paying a competition fee. You saw an opportunity to make more money off of us and jumped right on it..Its not about the cheerleaders its about how to make more money….

    I will continue to find a cheaper hotel …It would be nice if it were one that was offered by the travel company who is so called “Catering to my needs”, but if i find a hotel with lower rates than im staying there..


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