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  1. Michael Drulis (Evolution All-Stars)
    February 15, 2013 @ 6:15 pm

    From this gym’s Co-Director’s perspective and active All-Star Coach, the USASF is making strides on many fronts including athlete/coach credentialing, athlete/event sanctioning, rules, standards, best practices etc. There has been a significant and positive impact on our sport through all of our efforts as all-star cheer participants. I believe we as participants at any level in the sport are the soul of the USASF. This soul, not any one company, has driven the USASF through participation in it’s member committees and boards. Committee and boards which many of my colleagues with multiple perspectives, some different from mine, have risen to high levels on.

    For all that we appreciate about the USASF, it would not be here in its current form without the original Varsity commitment. However, I can understand the position of so many as there is the aroma of conflict of interest in Varsity’s current lending scenario.

    The new lending package presented is laudable and the offering shows leadership. I can only guess that the USASF would want to strive for financial independence as that would seem congruent with its actions. This independence only comes from strong cash flow and limited expenses. I’d like to see the USASF autonomous of all the organizations it works with as a true governing body should be. I’d like to believe this is the goal as the USASF rolls out more programs that offer a desperately need services, that only it can provide, at a reasonable price while it covers its administrative expenses. Through participation, we have strength-get involved with the USASF and make it the organization you believe it should be.


  2. Coach George
    February 15, 2013 @ 9:47 pm

    Varsity is, though apparently less so now, a MONOPOLY of the *cheer industry. Never is a monopoly a good thing. Am a professional in Tumbling and the “other” stunt sport that has a significantly SMALL injury rate, yet 100x more complex partner stunt tricks than cheer. I hope USSAF will open its eyes and ears to the assistance that has often been offered to improve training systems, techniques etc. in the cheer industry yet scoffingly rejected by every organization sponsored/owned by Varsity.

    Coach George
    Acrobatic Gymnastics
    Power Tumbling and Trampoline

    *PS- Varsity is now pushing to monopolize the Dance industry as well.


  3. NoodleMaster
    February 15, 2013 @ 11:26 pm

    As this great sport has grown, and great jumps and strides have been made to be recognized as a sport, it is time now for the governing body to get out of the Varsity bed.
    It is time to expand, time to unify, and time to show the world that this is a world class, non-partisan…..SPORT!! I salute the offer


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